Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mini Style Wednesday: Chic Fil A Date!

Monday Night as we were walking out the door to go to Baseball practice, the bottom fell out and practice was cancelled. Since we were all ready to go somewhere we decided we would just go get us all a milkshake. What a treat. :-) Tori, my sister was also working so we were able to spend some time with her when she went on her break.

"Mommy WAIT. I am not ready."

"Ok...Go ahead :-)"

Hair tie (not pictured): Sofia the First. Target 2.00
Gymboree Shirt and Capris: Gifted from a friend
Socks: Target (set of 6) 10.99
Crocs: Thrifted 10.00


  1. ohmigosh she is to pretty! you are in so much trouble! haha ;)

  2. Thanks girl :-)

  3. UGh....I am aware...She is going to keep us busy fo' sho.

  4. She is so pretty :) I just love her smile!


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