Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Going to my Dad's

I have been SOO looking forward to going to my Dad's....ever since we planned it a couple months ago, and of course once we got there the trip flew by like I knew it would but it was so amazing to see the family.

Here is me and Rick...could you tell how excited we were??

The Outer Banks is now only about a two and a half hour drive for us so not to bad. We made good time and chatted plenty along the way.

My babies were so happy to see a change of scenery.

When we got there Friday evening we went straight to one of our favorite mexican restaurants and met up with my cousin and his girlfriend for supper. It was SO yummy. My cousins girlfriend Nikki, even made me this amazing five layer monogrammed chocolate cake. :-)

It was made with Fudge and tons of chocolate...not good for my diet BUT I made sure to run an extra two miles when I came home. 

Saturday morning we got up and ate then we headed to some surf shops, after that we met up with my dad and stepmom and they took us shopping for mine and Gracie's birthday. Gracie ended up getting this high heeled shoes and also some craft goodies while I got two strapless bras and a dress. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Then we went out to eat that night where my sister works (Applebee's) and then went bowling after. SUCH. A. FUN. WEEKEND.

Honestly...I so slacked getting pictures. I was just trying to soak up the time with my dad, stepmom, brother, sister, cousin, and Nikki that I totally didn't grab my phone or camera much...which I totally regret now, but even so we had a wonderful time and I really enjoyed our visit.

On the way out Sunday we were all feeling kinda sad...I have felt that same bummed feeling most my life whenever I left my Dad's after a visit but while I was looking onto the side of the road I saw an alligator....just chilling. So I told Rick to pull over so I could show the kids.

There are TONS of alligators in this swamp near the sound but the first time I had actually saw any in person. It was a neat experience and it took our minds off leaving for a bit.

We are already planning on trying to go back again within the next couple months and I will FOR SURE take better pictures next time. :-)

Here is one I sorta got of us 3 on the you can tell Gabriel wasn't having it, and Gracie is just cheesing away.

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