Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekly Wishes 6

I was super busy last week and I am looking forward to a calm one this coming week.

Last Week's Wishes

1. Clean out my Kitchen cabinets. The food has gotten totally unorganized and I must get that back to my OCD ways ASAP. I didn't clean out ALL of my kitchen cabinets, but I did do a few. I need to finish that this week.
2. Get Packed for the Beach. I of course got this done because we did go to the beach and had a blast and visited my family.
3. TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! SO I AM GOING TO SIT AT HOME AND ENJOY THE FAMILY :-) We had a nice evening at home and even went outside with the kids and practiced ball with Gracie. My mom even came over and gave me a birthday kiss and played baseball with us.
4. Run 5 miles. I actually ran 6. YAY.
5. Get the Oil changed in the car. DONE
6. Do at least 100 squats and crunches each.  The one thing I am pretty sure I didn't do. I did a few of each but I am not sure if I did 100.

This Week's Wishes
1. Take Gracie to get her 5 year old checkup and shots for school.
2. Run 6 miles.
3. Finish cleaning out my Kitchen cabinets.
4. Paint my nails.
5. Go to a friend's little one's First Birthday Party
6. Pray with Rick and my kids every night. I really want to start making this a habit and praying over our family.

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