Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Day to Remember....

Today was a super fun day. We went to The Factory in Wake Forest where we will be having Gracie's 5th Birthday and got her invites. While we were there I visited a few of my favorite shops. Lily Mae's and Clay Fusion to name a couple. We had an absolute blast. I have been wanting to go to Clay Fusions for a while now but hadn't made the time or thought it would be pretty pricy BUT I am here to tell you, the prices are amazing!!! We painted a plate and put the kiddos handprints on it and totally enjoyed the laid back and relaxing atmosphere. It was so neat how you basically do everything to your own piece, and I LOVE that. Of course someone is there when you need help or have a question but no one hovers you and you just paint with your kids and make a piece of treasure that you will cherish forever.

Here is ours....We go back and pick it up in two weeks, after it has been in the kiln and fired. I can NOT wait to see the final product.

Also, I am sure you notice how Gabriel's name is a little messed up, but no worries after it is fired only one of those will show, the rest I had used as a guide.

We also took the kids to get some yummy Ice Cream next door. Gracie of course LOVED that and chose a pink sugar to go around her cone. Gabriel did not care what color it was as long as he was eating it.

I have not had a day this fun in a LONG time. I feel like we actually got things accomplished and spent family time together doing things that will be remembered forever. It's the little things right?

You know how I always tell you all how Rick never smiles? Well today he wanted to show you how happy he was so he did the best smile he could.

Hot right? He wasn't being serious but I love this pic. It shows his true, crazy personality and every single time I look it I laugh. Sums up our fun day!

And of course here's me...Had to add a selfie right?

See my sleepy man in the back.....melts a mama's heart....

How was your Saturday?


  1. Terin Aleah GarrettMarch 9, 2014 at 6:53 AM

    That place looks like SO much fun!! I don't think we have anything like that anywhere near us. :( I'm going to go look it up though!

  2. Yes! You totally should. I think you would love it. It was so fun. I hope you all have something similar near by.


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