Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mini Style Wednesday!

Gracie loves picking out her clothes and you would never know by this picture but we fought for 3 hours straight about this outfit. She hates jeans and hated the sweater too....but Mama wins and I am not wasting my money buying clothes she refuses to ever wear.

Eventually she got over it and we worked together and I allowed her to wear her fancy leggings UNDER the jeans....Yeah...she is something huh?

How adorable is this???

I love it! She looks absolutely precious...AND she got just about a million compliments on how much everyone loved her outfit (thank God) so hopefully we can squeeze a pair of jeans in here and there...

Hat- American Eagle( given by my sister)
Sweater- Arizona (given by a friend)
Jeans- Childrens Place (5.00 thrifted)

Shoes (not pictured) Kohls Jumping Beans- 19.99


  1. I love her sweater! It is so adorable on her!

  2. Thanks Chelsea :-)

  3. Thank you Holly :-)


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