Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mini Style Wednesday

Gracie loves dresses as you all know so today she was super excited to be able to do her mini style, we even curled her hair. She looks SO grown up in these pics. I still can't believe she will be starting school in the fall....YIKES.

Dress: Gifted
Leggings: Target clearance 2.50
Necklace: Bubble gum machine

I don't know where all you guys live but here, we have TONS of snow this time. It is suppose to continue from now until tomorrow night....I really do not care how much snow we get I just do not want to lose power.... :-( 



  1. Love her dress & tights combo....& your little bench thing!

  2. She's so cute!!! She looks so happy to be in her dress :)
    Love the owl!
    Cracker Barrel has an owl cookie jar that is super cute. I'm keeping my eye on it, hoping it goes on sale!

  3. Thanks Erica!

    I saw that cookie jar...I have been watching it too!! HAHA!

  4. Thanks alot!! My aunt gave me the bench it was pretty plain so I painted it and spruced it up :-)


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