Thursday, January 16, 2014

Worst Movies EVER!

I decided to switch it up a bit today and write about something we have all done...seen a terrible movie. I have honestly seen tons of awful movies but a few stand out in my mind.

1. Skyline: My husband talked me into watching this movie one night when we first got Netflix. I was pregnant with Gabriel and already emotional and this movie made me cry for HOURS. I hated it. It still stands out in my mind a couple years later. I do not want to give to much away in case you do end up seeing it, but basically ailens take over and their are a few people left to survive that try and fight off the ailens. Remember what I tell you when I say WORST MOVIE. YUCK. I got so mad at Rick for asking me to watch that with him.

2. The Hills have Eyes: I am certain you all have heard of this. Most people have. I watched this movie pretty much when it first came out with a couple friends and Rick and once again....yuck. I think it takes such a sick person to come up with stories like this and it literally made me nauseous. I should have known what I was getting myself in to but I knew my friends wanted to see it so I watched it....and guess what? I cried on that one too..Totally depressed me. In case you haven't figured it out, I hate scary movies and I hate sad movies. Life is to short to watch movies that depress you!

3. The Lottery: I watched this movie with my mom MANY years ago. We both STILL talk about how bad it was. Basically this movie is about a town where everyone in it has to be put into a lottery and if your name is drawn, you get stoned to death....Yeah. Awful. We both cried for a LONG time. Super old story that was written in the late 60's. If you wanna cry or just be depressed. Go watch this. 

What is the worst movie(s) you have ever seen? I would love to hear them so I can stay clear.



  1. There was one movie, I can't remember the name of it... It was a super hero movie and our old roommate made us watch it because he thought it was the best movie EVER. Shaun and I stared at the screen and kept saying things like "was he serious or was he trying to be funny?" The movie was SO LAME.

    Also, the movie "Shamus" with Burt Reynolds is pretty terrible. We love to make fun of that one. The first year we were married, Shaun was at work and he found a VHS copy of Shamus in the garbage so he gave it to me for my birthday as a gag gift! It was hilarious. The back of the box pretty much tells you EXACTLY what happens in the movie, like the entire plot. Even who dies.

  2. Erica...It really is :-( Me and mom talked about it today after my post. She aggreed, worst movie ever.

  3. LOL. Wow Crystalyn. Wonder what the first one was? Nacho Libra? I dont know. I havent seen that one either but I heard it was corney. I haven't ever heard of Shamus but what a hilarious gag gift! I will be sure to stay away from that one!! HAHAHA!

  4. I`ve never seen any of those, thankfully!

    I HATE THE MOVIE "UP". I think it was the most unwarranted depressing movie in my entire life. People LOVED that movie and I hate them because I -literally- cried from 30 seconds in that movie until 5 weeks later. UGH. HATE. I bought it and returned it in the same day. I wanted it out of my house, lmao.

    The other two movies that I hate are Van Helsing and The Last Airbender. They make me angry how horrible they are.

  5. Chelsea. I seriously laughed when I read that about UP. Because I totally feel ya.
    It sucked and I cried for a LONG time. No words in the beginning, yet one of the hardest animations to watch :-( I saw Van Helsing a LONG time ago so it is hard for me to remember but I vaguely remember maybe someone being burned up at the end?
    I haven't seen The Last Airbender.


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