Friday, January 17, 2014

52 Weeks Of Rick: Week 2

This week since I started actually exercising again we have been running every single night on the treadmill (my mom let us borrow hers until we can afford one). The treadmill and I have a love/hate relationship but thankfully Rick has been there to support me all week. I know you don't lose all that fat overnight but I have gotten super frustrated this week about not noticing a change and he has pushed me to continue on. I am thankful for that. We have set up a routine that after supper every night, we have family time for a while, then I run, then Rick runs. This is the first time I have actually been able to watch him run because he was going after work and I was home with the kids. It is such a joy to see how far he has come. He runs SO fast, like it's nothing. I asked him how did he build up to that point? He said you just push yourself and then it will come easy...Well guess what? I have been pushing myself and it is super hard. HaHa. I can't wait to see results like he has done.

I am super proud of him.



  1. Running is hard for me too!! And my husband eats junk n drinks beer but he can run like a super hero!! Lol doesn't seem fair, does it!?

  2. ugh running is hard haha! keep it up girly!

  3. Thank you Chelsea, every single night after 5 minutes I feel like giving up. I really feel like the hardest part is the beginning because you are not actually seeing results yet.. I hope soon. THANK YOU.

  4. It isn't fair :-( My husband was 300 pounds before this! Check him out on my Jello 2 hello at the bottom. It. IS. UNREAL. He has lost 130 pounds, the hard way. I lost 75 before I got pregnant with Gabriel. It is SO tough. AH. I hope I see results soon. I saw your pics today and you are doing amazing! GREAT JOB!


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