Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mini Style Wednesday

This week I was lucky enough to have another post to feature the beautiful Glitter Princess Galore designs. Hilliary made this week's feature and I am loving this dress. Gracie adores it and we love how it fits perfectly to her body. This shop customizes in tutus and handmade dresses. I love working with these two ladies because they are extremely kind and ready to make whatever you ask. Please check out there shop and look at their designs. You will find something your little princess will love!

Please check out these two lovely ladies shop here!



  1. How adorable is that dress? Love it!

  2. Thanks Chelsea :-)

  3. Holly! I know right?! It is actually like a flower girl dress....Hilliary said she made one for a wedding. Of course Gracie would wear it on a regular Saturday lol.

  4. Very cute. I have been considering making some dresses for Tyler recently. We'll see how that goes.

  5. That will be cool! Can't wait to see!


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