Monday, January 6, 2014

Gabriel Turns 1!

My little precious man turned one was such a wonderful day. I know Gabriel is my last baby so although it was a wonderful day, a part of me was sad because I have realized how quick children go and I no longer have a "baby". Sooner than later, he will go around and do those boy things that are oh so charming and will no longer want mommy cuddles and that will break my heart.

Back to happy thoughts, the party was a huge hit and Gabriel had SO much fun. I will go ahead and tell you I will be doing another post about his party hopefully one day this week and uploading pics from my actual camera but i feel so bad still I am just uploading the ones I have on my IPhone. For those that don't follow me on other social networks I have an incredible ear infection that has caused me more pain than giving birth. I am on several meds for it and I pray it helps soon..

We had Gabriel's Owl themed party at a Lake House you can rent out, the price is kind of steep but honestly worth it because there is so much space and beautiful scenery to look at.

This is Gabriel's Gift from us. Of course we had to use this wrapping paper :-)

Here's the Birthday boy. Seriously, how handsome is he? AH! Cutest pic ever.

These wonderful party favor bags were made by Crista over at Dazzling Expressions. We received so many compliments on these cute little owl sacks. We filled them with candy and small toys.

Here is another look at our Owl Party Bags. They had multiple colored Owls on them and read "Gabriel Turns 1". I will def. be going back to Crista for Gracie's Frozen themed party.

This Fox is so adorable to me. It was from his Great Grandparents and he has been snuggling him ever since the party.

Here is the birthday man playing with some of his gifts. He loved EVERYTHING.

This chair was a Craigslist find. It was stained and loved on but I saw great potential so I snatched it up and covered it for Gabriel in Owls and Foxes.

MeMe and Poppy gave this adorable shelf. I LOVE IT. He needed something in his room to hold his toys and this looks perfect.

This cake was amazing! A lady around town made it and she did a wonderful job!

This is his smash cake! HE ATE SOOO MUCH of this. 

Here he is enjoying previous cake...I told you he tore it up. Yummm...

I hope you all enjoyed reading this and looking at the pics. I am sorry it is so scattered. I assure you when I feel better I will be a little more organized. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!



  1. Thanks Erica! He really did have a wonderful day! :-)

  2. Me too :-( boo. We missed you so much.


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