Thursday, January 23, 2014

52 Weeks of Rick: Wk 3

So today I am going to totally rant about my husband...

I have told you all before how Rick recently lost 130 pounds which is TOTALLY AWESOME. I am beyond proud of him BUT ever since he has lost this weight it is like he is some kind of know it all and drill coach about weight loss... It is  VERY annoying. I have lost 75 pounds before...The year before I got pregnant with Gabriel so I know a little about this process...

Anywho, last night I was running on the treadmill because I am determined to drop this weight by my birthday (April 1), and while I was running I was literally about to die because I was pushing myself harder than ever. I wanted to beat my time from earlier of running a mile in 13.38. I ran so hard and was able to beat my time by 14 seconds. HUGE. DEAL. FOR. ME. I practically slid off the treadmill because I was exhausted and I said I DID IT! I DID IT! He said Great Job! I smiled and sat on the couch. He said, HEY! Don't sit on the couch all sweaty. I said RICK HUSH! I am about to faint just let me chill for a minute (Mind you I am the one that cleans this place). He said OMG, You act like you just did something huge but you held on to the bars alot and put alot of weight on that....I said ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! AHH!!

I was furious. He was laughing because I got mad, and don't think he is a totally a-hole because he isn't but like I said, this exercise and weight thing he feels like he is top dog and it really hurt my feelings last night. He thought I was joking...Um No.

I love my husband so much and he is awesome BUT alot of times we joke with each other but this joking is not something I want to continue. It is bringing me down with my workouts and confidence. BOO!

You can't write a sweet, sappy post every week right? I am going to be straight up doing my 52 Weeks Of Rick so there you go...That's my thoughts on this week. Happy Thursday :-) And LOVE YOU HONEY!



  1. My husband does the same thing. Lol
    For some reason he thinks that since we are both trying to lose weight, we both should be able to do that same things!
    Sometimes I have to remind him that he's not all that perfect and I'll balance on one foot or sit indian style to let him know I can do things he can't do haha

  2. Terin Aleah GarrettJanuary 23, 2014 at 5:25 PM

    I LOVE the fact that you're honest!! :) We all know our husbands can drive us crazy at times! Keep up the great work with your weight loss! :)

  3. Thank you so much Terin! I def. believe in keeping it honest. I love my hubby but what fun is it to read something sappy every week. Of course if he does something amazing I will post but I want this to be truthful, and he told me after he read it yesterday he liked the honesty...then

  4. EXACTLY RIGHT Erica! I told him to push a baby out and then come talk to me. :-)


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