Friday, January 24, 2014

Sleep Hates Me.

I am sure I have told you all before about my intense dreams...Last night was one of those nights where I had such awful nightmares that I refused to go back to sleep at 4 am. I have had this problem my ENTIRE life. I can still remember my dreams from when I was 6 or 7 years old.

I have no clue why my brain comes up with this crazy things but I have tried just about everything. When I was in high school I took a Psychology classe and we had to write a dream journal for a month....when we turned ours in my teacher talked to me a week or so later and said maybe I needed to speak to someone. HA. Last time I ever shared my dreams with an outsider other than family and close friends.

I have really been wanting a dream catcher and although I am sure they will not knock my nightmares out it is worth a shot, plus they are super cool. I found one I LOVED on Etsy and tell me it isn't the most adorable thing?

How about do a gal a favor and keep me in your thoughts and prayers to subside these nightmares. It would be super cool to actually have a decent nights sleep without waking up in the early hours with my chest hurting. Thanks guys! AND Happy Friday! I hope you all have a Fantastic weekend!


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  1. Yikes. I used to have crazy dreams too. Up until I started eating 90% clean. I like to think that's why my nightmares stopped but I really have no idea lol
    I still have them but not nearly as often.

    Your dream catcher is adorable!!!
    I love it!


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