Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mini Style Wednesday

Last night it snowed here. It wasn't tons but enough for the schools to close today. Of course down here in the south if we get more than an inch of snow they close the schools. In fact, they even closed a couple weeks ago because it was SO cold. That was the first time I had ever heard of that one...

I was excited to get Gracie up this morning to go outside and play. She was too until I told her she had to wear her snowsuit and NOT a dress. She was mad, and you can totally tell in the pics....

Can't you see the excitement!!

Diva all the way in this house....

Coat and Snowsuit: Given by a friend
Hat: Handmade gift
Scarf: Thrifted
Boots: Given by a friend

Even though she isn't happy in these pics, I am happy to have them because they make me laugh. I will always enjoy telling her one day when she gets older she was angry because I wouldn't let her were a sleeveless dress outside in the snow.



  1. Sounds like Juniper... She is always trying to wear dresses out in the cold. She'll say "I PROMISE I won't be cold." haha

  2. Haha she is so cute when she's mad!
    That's what I look like when I go out in snow too!!

  3. Tyler would wear it but she would want to have a skirt and leggings up under it!

  4. ahh! that pouty face only makes her cuter! i mean, from way over here anyways hahaa ;)
    i love that hat! they had a cold day haha. that`s so unfair. i think we should get hot days, then!

  5. HAHA! Wow...Sounds like they would get along great!!! :-)

  6. Thank you Erica.. She is a little mess. I hate the freezing cold too...although I hate the burning heat as well, I would much rather a nice 75 degree

  7. Thanks Holly! I love it too!

  8. I tried that! Then she said that was annoying her as well, because she hates for things to ride up. We struggle with sleeves and pants because everything must be perfect. She holds her sleeves when we put on coats or sweaters AND she hates anything but tight, skinny jeans. All the rest are too loose. I hate I have a million flare leg jeans for her that are adorable and she will NOT wear them...UGH.

  9. HAHA Chelsea....I know, the day was totally freezing! I am ready for spring! MY FAVORITE! Not to hot, not to cold lol. I am ready to be tan though.


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