Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Polyvore Files--Sick Addition

So. Today is a sick day for me. I really never get sick anymore, but when I do, it hits me like a mack truck. I am pretty sure I am dehydrated, exhausted, and have a sinus infection. I have basically sat around and done little to nothing. I must feel better tomorrow because I have a job to do and babies to take care of.

Last week I linked up with Joni and Natalie to do The Polvore Files, which is an app I love. Today is a perfect day to show my sick attire.

First of all I have basically done and had everything in this pic today minus the book and the soup. I have on my sweats, my owl socks, had some good ol Mickey D's Tea, and snuggled with my owl pillow, while snoozing to Pandora. Super happy to join in this link up. Thanks Ladies. XOXO



  1. So glad you joined us even on your sick day! Even I would eat my soup out of that cute bowl/mug. and Mack has some sweats almost exactly like that and they actually fit me but she WILL NOT let me wear them. :P Feel better soon.

    1. Thanks joni! I have this mug but not the bowl or plate. Would love to get it. I will of course be doing this every Sunday with you guys :-)

  2. Aww sorry you're feeling sick today. Glad you have all your comforts at your fingertips! I know it helps me.. ;) Feel better!


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