Monday, November 11, 2013

DIY Projects

I often try these DIY projects I see on Pinterest...sometimes I do good and sometimes i do... not so good. I do try though, although my end item usually ends up looking totally different. A few things I have been wanting to make are for Christmas. I see different decor in stores all the time and instead of paying the high end prices I try and figure out a way I can make something similar. These are the items on my mind right now.

What's on your mind to make this Christmas? Are you going to make some gifts for family or home decor? Let me know, I would love some ideas!



  1. I will definitely be making a Christmas sign now that I have a little more confidence in myself after making the Halloween one. Love that first thing too. Not sure what that is made out of but I love that it is white. of course, right?

    1. Lol...of course. I can't wait to make signs either. Making a few for Christmas gifts that are going to say "The Grangers Est....(and the year married)" I think my Grandparents and Dad will love that.

    2. That is a great idea for the signs. I won a painted canvas last year that says The Moore Family that has a Christmas theme to it. I would love to have one that can hang all year.


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