Saturday, November 9, 2013


It is 11:02 pm  and I am just now sitting down for the first time today and writing my post. I am determined to write everyday for this month (that also reminds me I need to link up with the NABLOPOMO)....Random...Anyway, today was a pretty good day. We went to Burlington with my mom to take her shopping for her birthday this coming week. I wanted to take her to Hobby Lobby because she had never been and I knew she would love it as much as I do, and of course she did.

Rewind to last night me and Gracie started working on some more RAK cards. I really want to teach her the importance of being kind, and not expecting something in return. She has really enjoyed doing little things here and there for people and I can tell it is really making an impact on her.

Today we went to a few places and passed them out, it was such an incredible feeling and the smiles on people's face was priceless. Gracie was so thrilled. We went to one restaurant called Brixx Wood Fired Pizza. It was great and the waitress we had was SO SWEET! Not surprising her name was Angel and she even gave us a coupon for our meal. How kind right? We of course had to give her a letter and she was so happy! We talked about our children, her working with different types of people and how hard it is to be kind to everyone, attending nursing school, and her family. She was truly an Angel. Here is a a pic of her and Gracie.

I am sorry this post is all over the place. It's late and I am SO tired. I hope you all had an amazing day! What did you do?



  1. Great story of your RAK. Jason and I passed out Dunkin Donuts gift cards today at church to some of the Veterans to show our thanks.

    1. That was such a sweet thing to do! I am sure they certainly appreciated it!


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