Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Polyvore Files----Little Man's Attire

I am in love with all items in this picture. The onesies are to die for. The first one says I'm just a stud muffin looking for a cupcake....haha, how cute is that? Obviously I have to have an owl onesie for my little guy and the shoes...AH. LOVE them.  I usually dress my kids in kind of preppy/ retro attire, although Gracie is at the age where she is picking out what she wants, so I have let her form her own style. I can still chose Gabriel's outfits for a little while longer at least. I seriously love dressing my kids up and them having cute clothes. 



  1. Omg those Toms are ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  2. Those little bow ties are cute. i am trying to start a little collection for Elijah. Every time he has worn the one he has to church, he gets so many compliments every time.


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