Friday, November 15, 2013

Favorite Places We Like To Stuff Our Face

If you know me, you know I love to eat. Love. To. Eat. Like seriously. It is really not a good thing, which is why I am taking the V3 and it has totally helped me and all my unnecessary eating habits. I wanted to tell you a few of my favorite places to eat at and why. Restaurants are a big deal to me because we normally go out to eat once a week, usually on a Saturday night, and we always love hearing of new places. These four are my favorite.

1. I love Chilis. I love their atmosphere and their food. As odd as it sounds, my favorite thing they have  is the corn. I just love it. The spices all over it are SO yummy! The chicken crispers and chocolate molten cake are a must have too....AH. I can feel the pounds adding on as I think about it.

2. Applebee's. This is such a great place. Rick and I have going here since I was a kid. We have a relationship with their hot wings. OH. MY. Best Ever. 

3. Cracker Barrel is the most country, home cooked food you will find in a restaurant. They have SO many amazing dishes, from their dumplings to their biscuits. I could eat here every day....and also be 500 pounds....cooked with butter and made with love. :-) Their shopping store attached is super cool too! I have bought SO many Christmas gifts for family. The products are really unique.

4. Rick and I were turned on to Wild Wing Cafe by Joni. She knew we loved wings as much as she did, and of course once we checked it out we quickly made it a favorite. Rick so loves the style and setup too, everything is sports and TVs are up in every area you look. 

These are my favorite places to go out to eat with family and friends what is yours?



  1. Chili`s is my all-time fave, ha! People can keep their expensive restaurants.. I`ll take Chili`s anyday!

    1. Omg. Me too!! That molten cake....yum. I would kill for some right now.


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