Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rick turns 30!

Yesterday was Rick's birthday! He turned 30, it is SO... hard to believe how fast time flies. I have been with him since he was 18 and boy have we both changed. We started celebrating over the weekend by going out to eat a couple times and going to the mall to get him some things he wanted. He was able to get 2 hats (panthers of course), a pair of shoes, and a jacket. He also received more money yesterday in the mail :-) He was a happy guy! We went out last night with my mom, stepdad, and sister. We were suppose to go out over the weekend together but my mom was sick and didn't want to take any chances being around the kids so we waited, and I am glad we did because it was a great weekday treat. Rick chose to eat Mexican, his favorite, which is also the first time he has ate it since he has been on his diet. It was a really fun night. After we went to dinner we went to Wal-Mart to browse and found him a pair of shorts for 5.00! By the way, before his weight loss he was in a 44 now he is in a 32!!!! Way to go hubby! Here are a few pics from our dinner last night! :-) Gabriel was exhausted so he slept most of the time we were eating.



  1. I am so glad Rick had a wonderful birthday! Mexican food sounds good too!

    1. Thanks girl! He did! Of course he felt guilty after he

  2. What a cutie family! Happy birthday to Rick! (:


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