Friday, October 18, 2013

Pizza Biscuits

First off let me start by saying HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS! I hope you all have an amazing weekend

I saw a commercial on TV a while back with a parent and some children making mini pizzas out of biscuits, I thought that was an awesome idea. Last weekend when we were out grocery shopping I finally remembered to get the biscuits, cheese, and sauce so me and Gracie could make them. Let me tell you, what an easy lunch to make for your kiddos. I bought the Food Lion brand butter biscuits, mexican shredded cheese, and ragu sauce. Gracie LOVES crafts and cooking just like her mommy so she could not wait to help. She is going through some kind of weird eating stage right now though where she isn't wanting to eat anything except junk food which is odd because she used to be such a great eater. I thought if she helped me make the food it would help her to eat better. We had so much fun making these little pizzas. All you do is take the biscuits out, smash them down, pour some sauce on them, sprinkle cheese, bake at 350 for about 8-10 minutes and BAM they are done. They were so good too!!  I am sure I ate at least....3. :-) Surprisingly even though Gracie said they were good we still fought for two hours for her to finish one... :-(. She told me to save the other one she made and she would eat it all tomorrow with no complaints (fingers crossed).

Tomorrow we have a birthday party to go to for one of Gracie's little friends and it is a spa party. She is beyond thrilled and can not wait! I am going to try and take several photos and share their little experience. I am in charge of doing nails. Fun times.  Sunday we are going to church and possibly heading over to my grandparents and visiting some family who came down to visit because they are all going to the fair Monday. I want to go to the fair :-( It is not in our fiances right now though and with Christmas and several more birthdays ahead we are going to have to sacrifice, besides, there is always next year.


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