Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pinterest Addict

We all have heard of Pinterest now, if not you may be hiding under a rock somewhere and its time to get out because that site is the bomb. Do people still say "the bomb", who knows but I just did so there you go. Anywho, I found out about Pinterest a while back and at first totally didn't get it, what fun is it to sit there and look at pictures on a website? I then found out about all the DIY page and boy was it amazing. I became addicted late at night getting on there and searching for all kinds of projects I could do. I also found recipes, toys for the kids, and more. Below are a few items that I am in LOVE with.

1.  One of my favorite pieces. I would so love to have this word art in my home. I love the dreamcatcher, the way the words are arranged, and the layout. Maybe one day I will order this off Etsy.

2. Okay, this dress. Ah. I love it so much. If you have read my previous post you will know that me and Rick never had a wedding so at our vow renewal I would LOVE to have this dress. It is my style and perfect! By the way, this is Vera Wang so I highly doubt I will be getting this.

3. This doll is the cutest little thing. I want this badly for Gracie! SO BAD. It is adorable. When I showed her it she fell in love so perhaps we can order this for Christmas. Also when you look at this on Etsy it is just the pattern not the doll, since I have never ordered just a pattern I am not sure how that works so I am a little hesitant. 

4. I think this dessert looks so yummy and I am going to make it next weekend for my husbands get together. Fingers crossed it's a success.

5. How adorable is this room? No really. How CUTE IS IT? I love every single thing about it. Maybe when Gracie gets older we can do her room like this.

6. Lastly is the boy doll I want to get Gabriel. I have searched high and low for a doll similar to this and can not find it in any store around. I guess I am going to just have to bite the bullet and order it. Where? None other than Etsy of course.


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