Monday, October 21, 2013

Carley's Spa Party!

This weekend we went to a special little girls 6th Birthday Party, Carley. Gracie was thrilled and had been talking about it all week. The party was Spa themed and Leslie (Carley's mom) made sure she had everything the kids would need to have their day at the spa. She had a station where the girls would get a facial mask that was also edible. Leslie also had a Mary Kay makeup professional there to do the girls makeup. Let me tell you, these little ones were hilarious getting their makeup and facials. Between getting those two, we also did their nails. I think this party theme was amazing and SO much fun for little girls. Sometimes when children go to parties it lacks activities, I am guilty of this. I normally just let the children run and play, maybe have a pinata there. I really need to think hard now for Gracie's upcoming 5th birthday (UGH! 5 already! Time is F-L-Y-I-N-G) and what type of fun things we can do. Here are a few photos I took.

WOW! Look how still she is and serious! This girl loves makeup.

The cucumbers had a few difficulties staying on! haha

Princess Gracie

I'm just chillin mommy

Beautiful Miss. Carley! The Birthday Girl!

This was the BESTest day Mommy!


  1. Such a cute little party. This is definitely something Tyler would love! I may have to do this for her and a few friends sometime soon.

    1. Yes! For sure! Of course if you do it for Tyler Gracie will have to come :-)


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