Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gracie's Day at the State Fair

Sunday Night we went and visited my grandparents and we were all hanging out and talking. My cousin and his girlfriend had come down from the Outer Banks to go to the NC State Fair Monday with some of my family (including my grandparents) We had talked about Gracie going with them but we all knew how tough that would be because Gracie gets into EVERYTHING and never wants to stop. She will wear you out. Plus my grandparents are 70 years old, they can't chase after her and do everything she wants to do. When I was little I went EVERYWHERE with them and boy did we have a ball. In fact, we still do. You would never know they are their age because they are always going. They have aches and pains of course and my Grandad has diabetes bad so sometimes things are tough. Anyway, when we were leaving that Sunday night, my Grandad told Gracie we are going to take you with us tomorrow since you have never been. She lit up like a Christmas Tree. Rick and I were leary because we knew how tough it was going to be for them. My cousin's girlfriend told my grandparents she would help them watch her, so we all agreed she could go.

Monday morning came and they were here to pick her up at 8:45. Let me tell you, Gracie was so excited she would not go to bed the previous night and stayed up until midnight. I KNEW she would be a little terror to get up the next morning and boy was she ever....We fought and fought to get her ready in time. I had to threaten multiple times that she wasn't going to go but she finally got her act together.

 Once they left, I became antsy and couldn't stop worrying, which is what I normally do when I am away from my children (which is VERY rare). I had to put my craziness aside and let her go and have fun even though in the back of my mind I knew all the dangers that can happen at the fair or the trip there. Now that she is home I can write them, a wreck on the way, a ride breaking and hurting her, someone kidnapping her, the list could go on and on. I told my cousins girlfriend Nikki to please send me pictures when she could to keep me updated. She did and it made my day. Gracie was having the time of her life and I couldn't do anything but smile. I was so happy she was able to go and spend time with my grandparents like I did when I was small. What a great memory she will have forever, that her first fair experience was with them.


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