Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sartorial Kid Wednesday Wk 1

This week I will be showing you one of Gabriel's little outfits. I will go ahead and tell you these pictures are not the best quality and I am sorry. My camera is out of service and my phone did not do well in the lighting this morning and since it's raining we can't go out. 

Anywho, since Gabriel is my baby I can dress him in the styles I like. :-) I love little caps and cute little onesies. This outfit in particular was not bought together but I like to mix and match. 

Beaver Hat: Gymboree Clearance 4.00
Little Man Onesie: JC Penney 6.00
Pants: Thrifted
Monster Socks: Target

Linking up with Our Holly Days for Sartorial kid Wednesday



  1. Super cute! Love the little shirt! Maybe I need to make Elijah a mustache freezer paper shirt and they can be twinsies! Haha!

    1. Me too! Absolutely make him one! Super adorable for them to match!

  2. LOVE his onesie. :) He is too adorable!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love shopping as cheaply as possible! Go girl.

    1. Me too! Children's clothes are SO expensive, especially the adorable ones...I normally go to consignment sales or friends pass their littles clothes to us. :-)


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