Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wreath Makeover

I wouldn't call myself a crafty person BUT I do try very hard to give different items in my home a makeover. As usual I found myself on Pinterest late one night looking over the DIY section. I saw a super cute wreath and thought HEY! YOU CAN DO THAT! 

Well, sometimes I give myself a little more credit than maybe is due, BUT I woke up bright and early the next morning (as I normally do everyday anyway with my babies) all amped about working on the wreath. I dug my wreath out of storage and starting cutting the old, fake flowers away. As I begin wrapping my yarn around, I looked at Gracie and said, "This is going to take way longer than I thought". I became annoyed and went to look for ribbon to speed up the process. I found several different pieces and begin hot gluing them down. OF COURSE I would run out of glue gun sticks so I had to rig it for now until I get more. Heres the before: 

As you can see not the prettiest. Here's the after, and I will say this, it turned out WAY different than I had hoped for but it was my first time making one and practice makes better right??

 Have a great Wednesday! What types of DIY crafts have you found on the love/hate Pinterest site and totally bombed??


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