Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What made me so special?!

Yesterday was an ordinary monday here in my house, taking care of the kiddos and cleaning up the house. I had a knock on my door about 3, so I went and opened it of course. It was my uncle at the door and we started talking about getting Gracie's dollhouse (which my other uncle is giving us next weekend) and where I wanted to put it. Then we started talking about when I get a storage building which I have been dreaming about FOREVER. I told him hopefully next year we can get one and that was that. A few hours later I look outside in my yard and look what was delivered to me!!

My uncle had went and gotten us a storage building. What an amazing blessing and all I can say is How did I get so lucky? How did I become so blessed to have the amazing family and support system I have? God must really love me. I am beyond words thankful for my life and everything I have been given. I hope all of you had a fantastic Monday. What type of special things has your family done for you? Or what have you done for others? Please share. I love reading stories of kindness!

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