Monday, February 18, 2013

Gabriel's Birth Story

Hello! I have been away for a while mostly because I have been taking care of a very needy newborn and also because my computer charger was broke and just was able to purchase a new one. I have had a great 2013 so far, I hope you have! I went into labor with my sweet boy on January 3, my water broke around 11:30 pm, I drove to the hospital and was admitted. Rick was home waking Gracie up and getting her ready to go to my grandparents house, so him and my mom could come up there with me...I really want to say Gabriel's birth story did not go as planned and was very stressful, but of course God knew what he was doing and my little guy was brought into this world safely. Back to the story, I went into this pregnancy wanting an all natural birth, no epidural and no meds, I was doing great. I walked and walked around the hospital with Rick and my mom trying to push things along and slowly but surely progress was being made. Since my water broke on its own the midwife wanted to start me on pitocin to speed things up even more which made my "all natural" method very hard to follow through with, but I was determined. When she checked me at 7:30 am I was at 6 and a half cm. I was hurting now, but wanted to push through. Around 8:30 am I felt very sharp pains and called the midwife back in there, I was dying, I felt something had to be wrong, I told her please check me again something isn't right. She did and then i heard something I did not want to hear, "Uh Oh". Oh my gosh,  I thought, what is wrong, she called a couple other nurses and doctors in there and told them to run and go get the ultrasound machine. When she put it on my belly, she looked at me and told me one of my worst fears, the baby had turned in the middle of a contraction and was now feet down. We had to do an emergency c-section. My all natural birthing plan was out the window and now I had to wait for the doctor to finish another c-section before I could do mine. Gabriel was kicking and pushing some kind of terrible down there and I was crying. I couldn't figure out how this could be because I was at an almost 7 cm and now I am having a c section. I cried and cried. Finally I was taken down to have my c-section without my mom, who I needed with me. Finally after they gave me the spinal tap and had me pinned down they let Rick come in. As soon as I saw him I felt so much relief.  He came and rubbed my head and talked to me. Before I knew it my baby boy was here and I was able to see his precious face....for a few minutes, then him and rick were gone just like that. They needed to sew me back up and take me to recovery. I was heartbroken, I was hardly able to see my baby, or even touch him for that matter before he was taken away. A c section is so much more different than a vaginal birth, when I had Gracie I pushed her out and was able to hold her and nurse her right then, not this time. I felt so helpless and alone in that recovery room, what seemed like an eternity I was finally taken upstairs to see all my family waiting and see my two precious children and husband. I felt so complete. Although Gabriel's birth didn't go as planned I am so thankful to have him here, healthy and safe.

I will write next time about all the challenges I had with the c-section and Gabriel's colic and reflux. Thanks so much for reading!!

Please enjoy these pics!

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