Monday, April 28, 2014

Just Call Me Slacker...

Hey guys. I am SORRY I have been such a slacker blogger lately. I truly love blogging so much but lately I have been SO overwhelmed with life. Every day I have so much to do and between taking care of the kids, house, and ballgames I have found little "free" time which is usually when I do my blogging.

Last week Gracie had an appointment with her much as I was worried everything went perfect and she did not need eye surgery or glasses at this time. Thank God. We honestly had such a wonderful family day last week because Rick took off the day of us going to Duke so after her appointment we were able to hang out as a family and enjoy a weekday just being together.

Also last week...I made a huge "boo boo" with Gabriel's hair...I was trying to give him a cut but he jerked his head right as I was cutting and basically had a huge bald spot. The only way I could fix it was by scalping him. I did make sure I left the top of his hair and now he wears a proud mo-hawk...My mom was not thrilled with me when she saw his hair last week at the baseball game. grows back and in my honest opinion I think he looks adorable and is rocking his new style like a champ.

If you do not follow me on Instagram please feel free to because I am constantly posting photos on that.

This weekend was a super fun one and we stayed busier than ever. Yesterday we did lots of yardwork and I planted flowers, dug out roots, and cut the grass. Here are a few photos from last week. I assure you I will do better because I have lots of fun post coming up. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

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