Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly Wishes 5

Last week was a super productive one. I feel awesome about everything I got accomplished and I am seriously loving this link up each week. It really helps me to stay focused and know .that I do not want to write that I didn't complete one of my goals.

Last Weeks Wishes

1. Get Gracie and Gabriel's Insurance in order. I received a letter last week and the system has screwed it up so that must be fixed ASAP! DONE! Called and I am pretty sure I got everything straight.
2. Gracie starts Coach's Pitch Baseball this week! We are thrilled! So I need to finish getting her cleats and baseball pants. DONE! We found all of her items she needs to play...all we have left to get is red socks :-)
3. Run 6 miles. GUESS WHAT!! I did 8.5 miles last week!! AND I did a new record of running a mile in under 10 minutes!!! AND I ran 2 miles straight without stopping! I feel amazing about this accomplishment.
4.Get the Hotel in order for when we go to visit my Dad April 4th! Super EXCITED about that! DONE! We have the hotel lined up and we are ready to go visit my Dad!
5. Sell 5 boxes of V3 Max! Wanna lose weight!? Ask me how or click on tab on the side of the blog :-) DONE!! Yay!
6. Do 100 crunches.  DONE! I did exactly 100!

This Weeks Wishes

1. Clean out my Kitchen cabinets. The food has gotten totally unorganized and I must get that back to my OCD ways ASAP.
2. Get Packed for the Beach.
4. Run 5 miles.
5. Get the Oil changed in the car.
6. Do at least 100 squats and crunches each.

The Nectar Collective


  1. happy early birthday ! :) make sure to treat yourself this week!

    and good luck with the rest of your wishes ! :)

  2. Happy birthday! I love your goals for the week. I think I really need to start adding some exercise goals to my list, it will hopefully give me the drive I need to actually do it!

  3. You were on a roll last week! Let that be an inspiration to the rest of us! Happiest Birthday! Treat yo' self!

  4. Thank you so much!! I have enjoyed dinner made by my mom and now got a call from my grandparents saying they want to take me out tomorrow night :-) Fun Fun!

  5. Thank you Chantel!! It will absolutely give you the drive! For me I didn't want to have things on my list that were not completed so that made me push ahead.

  6. Thank you so much Vanessa! I really appreciate that :-)

  7. I feel motivated just reading your post! I love Weekly Wishes too, just joined actually, it's a great way to put your goals in black and white and make sure you stick to them. Happy birthday too, hope you had an awesome day! I need to get on the running bandwagon too as I've just signed up for a 10km run!

  8. Thank you so much Cheryn! Signing up for a 10K is an AWESOME motivator! Good job and Good luck! :-)


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