Friday, March 28, 2014

Little Man

I was looking back at my post and noticed I had quite a few of Gracie recently so I wanted to write about my little guy. Gabriel is very shy. He doesn't like pictures and he is super laid back, he is pretty chill as long as he isn't restrained in a high chair at restaurant. Even though he is over 1 he isn't walking yet. I am not bummed about it first I was worried about it but I know that every child develops at their own pace. When Gracie was his age she was walking, talking, and off the bottle, BUT I am enjoying this time with Gabriel and taking things slow. We are slowly taking him off the bottle....I can already see that is going to be a HUGE ordeal. He is such a sweet boy. He loves to cuddle and play with electronics. He loves to say "WEEEEEE" and whenever he does it my heart melts.He is the perfect fit for our family and I could not ask for a better son! I can tell you he is for sure a Mama's Boy!


  1. He is such a cutie pie!
    I'm glad that you let him learn at his own pace.
    Sometimes, it's just what's best! :)
    I would definitely be enjoying these precious moments, too, if I were you!

  2. Thank you so much Erica! You are so sweet!


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