Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly Wishes 3

Last week was a very rough one for me. I am seriously praying going into this week it will be MUCH better! Also there are several things I must get accomplished.

Last Week's Wishes

1. Run 5 miles= DONE! I actually ran 6. Every single day I know I need to run so I normally push through and just do it. I still do not LOVE it though.
2. Sell 7 V3Max boxes=DONE! I sold all 7 of my boxes! It seems like TONS of people are taking it now so I may not have as many customers this coming week (at least until they run out)
3. Go through my shoes....try again=DID....Kinda. I am not going to even attempt to do this one anymore right now until my mind isn't so slammed with all of the other 100 million things I need to do.
4. Do at least 100 crunches=DONE! 
5. ALSO this week I want to try and do 100 squats=Nope. I think I did 50?

I feel pretty good about Last Week's Wishes. It feels amazing to see a list of things you hope to accomplish and then actually achieve it.

This Week's Wishes

1. Meet with our Cake Lady and pick up Gracie's Frozen themed cake.
2. Gracie didn't get into the Charter  School here in my town...I found out Saturday Night. I was bummed at first but now I think it's best. I have heard alot of wonderful things about the Elementary school she will be attending so I need to find out more about registering her.
3. Run 5 miles.
4. Do 100 crunches.
5. Gracie's Party is SATURDAY so there are several things I need to get together :-)
(Food, Goodie Bags...)

This months wishes

1. Have a frozen themed party for Gracie
2.Take Family Photos
3. Lose 15 pounds.
4. Get Gabriel Walking
5. Help Gracie learn to spell 6 new words!

The Nectar Collective


  1. Great goals. Also trying to lose weight and I am trying to squat every day. I didn't put a number but maybe I should.
    Good luck with your goals this week and I hope Gracie has a wonderful party. Sounds like it will be fun.

  2. You did amazing this past week! Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks so much Holly :-)

  4. Thank you Sarah!! I appreciate that! :-)

  5. Thank you so much Kahleel!! Checking out your blog now! :-)

  6. I think it's amazing you ran 6 miles, even if you don't love it :-) and I know the idea of going through all of your shoes. I try the same time once in a while, but I always end up keeping all of them LOL a woman and her shoes!

    And happy birthday to your little one! Mine turns 4 this Wednesday and I haven't even started planning her party. We're just doing lots of fun thing all week and we'll be having a party in some weeks. Double the fun!

    Have a great week and enjoy Gracie's party!

  7. Thank you so much! It is def. tough going through shoes...I am always like...nah, I will keep those, nah, I may need those...etc.

    Thank you so much about Gracie! I will tell her! Happy Birthday to your little lady too!! Birthdays are so special and fun!!!

  8. I think you are one amazing girl ! To set a goal is one thing but, to push through it is another and you make it look easy ! I think you and your hubs have done one heck of a job ! I am so thankful that I have ran across you on Instagram to have such positive people in ones life is the best kind to have 😊 . I too have met my goals this months to donate to three people . To help make a change in someone life ! I am giving to Bring Noah Home, Hoops for Haiti and the Clint Logan fundraiser . Keep on doing what you do and life will give back to you !!

  9. I think YOU are amazing! I talk about you all the time to Rick and my mom. I think it is simply selfless and so wonderful to donate like you are doing. I saw you are doing the 1500 project too right? I think it's call that? Anyway. I saw your address was Southport....I have always wanted to go there because I heard it was beautiful and read about it in Nicholas Sparks books.... :-) is it just as lovely?

  10. Party time, YAY! Looking forward to see that family photo!

  11. Terin Aleah GarrettMarch 19, 2014 at 3:46 AM

    You go, girl! You are killing them goals!! :) I can't wait to see pics from the Frozen party!! :)

  12. Girl!! You look great!
    Good job on hitting your goals! That's awesome!


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