Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mini Style Wednesdays

This week I am doing a special Mini Child Wednesday (formerly known as Sartorial Kid) because I received TWO amazing handmade dresses from Glitter Princess Galore. This shop is ran by Janna and Hilliary and they are beyond talented. This week I will be featuring Janna's dress which is an adorable gingerbread girl tutu dress.

Gracie totally flipped when she saw this and felt like a supermodel in it. She kept walking around prancing and watching her tulle bounce back and forth. I love how this amazing shop puts so much love and detail into their pieces. When Hilliary and Janna asked for Gracie's measurements I knew the dresses would fit like a glove and they do.

Glitter Princess Galore can make ANY custom princess dress, along with Tutus, headbands, and Costumes.

I so much enjoy doing this linkup because although I do not LOVE taking pictures, Gracie sure does and I enjoy getting pictures of my children. Gabriel will hopefully enjoy them just as much :-)

Our Holly Days



  1. This si just to die. How adorable!

  2. Thanks so much Holly :-)

  3. ah! that is so adorable!
    she has `tude. just like isa. they`d be bff`s for sure. or maybe frenemies, haha!

  4. Hahaha!!! She def does have an attitude! She loves making new friends though so I bet they would totally be buddies ;-)


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