Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Polyvore Files

This outfit is SO me. I am loving every piece of it. Next year when I get some new glasses I am really leaning towards the wide frame. The eye makeup is amazing. I would wear this on a date night or even just to go out shopping. The shoes are HOT. I am not sure how well I could walk in them BUT I do love them. I must find that owl shirt and order it now. I love using Polyvore such a fun app.

Happy Sunday Friends!


Happy First day of December :-)

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  1. I'm IN LOVE with those boots! I'm so excited it's finally chilly enough to start wearing outfits like this on the regular. :)

  2. i love all of these things! that sweater is looking super cute and comfy right now.

  3. I know me too! I love jeans and comfy sweaters :-)

  4. Yes, I seriously want it!

  5. I want to learn to wear heels in the new year. Why? ONE reason only! Because I am short and I want to feel a little taller. I really do dislike heels though. When I worked as an assistant director I had to dress formally and wore heels. I kept flats and bedroom shoes behind my desk and only wore the heels when someone important was around. haha!

  6. Lol. I need to make it my goal too. I can walk but just need to be more graceful about it.


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