Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Unwrapped Event

Wednesday Night my family joined Joni and her family (minus Jason) to attend their church Christmas festival. I must say this was the largest Church event I have ever been too. There was SO much to do! We didn't fit in even half of the activities but we had fun and enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. Joni and I hardly ever get together even though we are literally only thirty minutes apart but this week I had the opportunity to hang out with her twice!! YAY! Quality BFF time is always good for the soul.

Gracie had SO much fun! There were games, food, and tons of amazing stops for kids to enjoy themselves. I commented multiple times on how amazingly decorated the church was. It was simply beautiful. I suck at remembering to take pictures but luckily Joni brought her camera so we were able to get several photos to look back on and enjoy. 

It is so important to teach my children about the true meaning of Christmas so I was super happy we were able to attend this with Joni because Gracie learned a lot and had a blast while doing it. The kids were off the wall but we didn't expect anything less because they were so excited to be together. Here are some of the pics from that night. I am already looking forward to going back next year...Gabriel will be older and be able to participate more, although I am sure he didn't mind being carried around all night....

Head over to Six Cherries On Top  to see more photos from our Fun Night! :-) 

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  1. I had such an awesome time and so glad y'all went. I look forward to it next year and would love to have you guys attend any other wonderful events that come up throughout the year.


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