Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas done right with Thirty One

Hello Friends and Welcome Back! I had a wonderful Christmas break and I hope you did too. I love blogging but it was nice to take a small break and enjoy family time. My children didn't get a ton from us but my family sure took care of that and racked them up with goodies.

A couple weeks ago I received a package from Shannon who sells Thirty One. I am sure mostly everyone has heard of this amazing company and Shannon is for sure a wonderful person to represent them. I of course chose the Who's Chilly pattern and I absolutely love it!

I received the Utility Tote, Thermal Tote Lunch Bag, and the small zippered pouch. I can not tell you how many compliments I have received on these, and honestly they came at such a wonderful time because I was able to use the Utility tote to carry gifts in back and forth for Christmas. You could really use it for anything though, going to the beach, a party, an overnight stay...the possibilities are endless. The thermal tote has been a lifesaver too because as much as we go out on weekends having a bag for Gabriel's bottles is an absolute must. I always have carried his bottles in the diaper bag and time after time they spill and leak and that is such an aggravation, with these thermal totes the inside is perfect for drinks and food and keeps it nice and cool.

I love how the Thirty One company allows you to personalize your products and make them your very own. How cute is my "Mama Owl" on my Thermal Tote?! I LOVE it! Super adorable product and company! 

My zippered pouch is perfect for me to store all of my lipsticks and chapsticks in. How precious right? It has "me" with my two amazing kiddos! PERFECT! This company has SO many choices and products I am certain you would find something to fit in your life perfect. I have Shannon's button on my main page directly to the right or click here. If you haven't checked out Thirty One before head over there and shop your little heart out.  There are tons of new prints out and also some wonderful savings!

This is a product review. I was given a product to write an honest review on, all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

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