Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter is among us.

First of all let me say a big congrats to Nikki Snapp!! Nikki won the adorable sign from our RoughSideUp Sign Giveaway! YAY!!

I don't know where all you guys live but here in North Carolina it is getting cold fast. I love Christmas and Thanksgiving and all that jazz but the cold is not my friend and one part of me that never seems to get warm enough is my hands. I have tried all sorts of mittens but they just are not practical. Let's be honest when you are all bundled up and have your little mittens on and you get an important text or email, it is annoying. You have to take your mitten off just to respond. These fingerless crocheted gloves are P.E.R.F.E.C.T for me! I can be outside all warm and cozy and still be able to function. YAY!

You would think your fingers would get chilly still being exposed, but surprisingly they do not. The thickness of the glove keeps your hands so warm. I am actually looking forward to going to the Christmas Parade this year because I know my hands will be warm and I will also still be able to take plenty of photos without having to rip my gloves off every five minutes. Not to mention, how adorable are these gloves?! I just love them! The little crocheted flower on top of each one adds SO much character.

Cathy over at Red Barn Products89 is a pleasure to work with. She is quick, efficient, and very talented. In fact, Gracie loves my new gloves so much she told me they are to fancy for me and that she must have them. I have had to steal them from her repeatedly because she refuses to take them off. Cathy is beyond kind and to show you, she is giving away a pair of her beautiful fingerless gloves to one of my lucky readers! The winner will be able to chose their own color combo :-)
Shoot over to her shop and show her some love.

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  1. I'm a HUGE fan of red! I actually think the ones in the pictures are exactly how I like them!

  2. Yes. Perfect for Christmas Kristen! Good luck honey! Thanks for entering.


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