Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Polyvore Files---The Princess has arrived

Gracie loves Polyvore as much as I do. She even has the app on her Ipod...haha...No kidding, she puts together little outfits for us ALL the time. Since we did Gabriel's post last week I wanted to find one of the many Gracie has put together. I let her choose which one she wanted to share and this is what she has picked to share with you all...

First of all she had to have the sparkly nail polish because all princesses wear that you know? 
Then we had to have TWO pair of shoes. Both are print and that's what she loves. 
The little blue heart pouch is her purse. She said it is just her size and is sparkly enough for her. 
The owl picture is for me. She said, "Mommy, I know you love owls so this will be for you."She is so caring all the time, even when she acts her worst, she still cares about your feelings and usually feels awful about her behavior after she realizes what is going on. 
The black and pink dress...well we both loved that. I think it is just adorable. She begged me to please buy her that for her birthday. I will try and find one similar. 
The lips, again, SPARKLE. Sparkle is everything to my child.
 I love the saying "Dream Big Little One" so I asked her if we could put this on her post, she loved it. Last but not least, Gracie had to have this little girl with her outfit. She told me that the little girl "favored" her (yes, she really said favored) and that she loved her outfit.

How do your little ones like to dress? Are they as picky as my four year old?

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  1. Wow!! She is talented!!
    I`m getting Isa a tablet for Christmas, I`m going to put polyvore on it now! I never even thought about it, but she would love it too.

  2. That is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love seeing kids with their own style, knowing what they love. And is it sad I didn't even know that Polyvore had an app? Downloading now!

  3. Cute! Phoenix and Tyler both had a dress very similar to that and Tyler had those Toms in silver with black hearts.

  4. Yes Chelsea I bet she will love it!! Gracie loves creating all kinds of things lol. Christmas will be fun for Isa! She will be so excited. We got Gracie the Nabi 2.

  5. Thanks so much Kara! Lol. The polyvore app is seriously addicting!! Thank you for coming over and checking my blog out! Hope you will come back soon :-)

  6. I remember seeing Tyler's Toms. They are cute.


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