Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My To Do List for Thanksgiving

I don't know about you but I am in shock Thanksgiving is this week...like for real. I have said it before and I will say it again...This year has flown. I honestly hope the years ahead don't go this fast but I have been told by my elders they just get faster....I am not ready for that.

Moving on to something more cheerful. What are you guys making for Thanksgiving? Do you cook a huge feast for everyone or do the family members chip in and each person bring a few dishes? In my family, we go to my Grandparents house around noon and have our Thanksgiving lunch. My grandma has ALWAYS made everything and everyone just comes and eats. The older I get the more I have no clue how she does it...that is ALOT of cooking. This year for her house I am taking a dessert. I have decided to make the yummy reeses/cookie dough brownie. I am super excited because I KNOW it is going to be amazing! :-)

When we leave my grandparents we then go to my Mom's along with my Grandad and all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Since my grandmother passed when I was a child everyone brings several dishes each year. This year I am bringing pigs in a blanket and biscuits. Two things I LOVE! I love thanksgiving because it is all about having fun, eating, and spending time with family. I so much enjoy spending time with my family and wish we ALL got to get together more. 

I have made it a tradition for about 9 years now to go the dreadful Black Friday shopping but honestly this year I do not think I will be going. This could VERY well change but at this time I do not want to go...it is a hassle and it makes me tired. I also don't feel like dealing with people who are fighting over toys or gifts to save a few dollars. Trust me, I WANT and NEED to save the few dollars but is my small amount of sanity worth losing? I think not...

We will see though.. 

Will you be going Black Friday shopping in the comfort of your home and ordering offline or will you fight the madness and get out in the mayhem?!

Happy Tuesday!!



  1. Always online for me and this year it will probably be last minute. I am not stressing about it at all and am actually looking forward to the small Christmas we are having. Once you take the focus off the gifts and focus on Jesus and time together as a family, it really does take away a lot of the stress. I haven't felt this good about Christmas in a long time.

  2. I always try and focus it around Jesus. I just feel bombarded because it seems every year I have new people to add to my list of buying for. Even if I get small gifts and make them it is still ALOT to do. lol. Four Families. About 40 people to buy for. Plus the kids. Plus Gabriel's birthday a little over a week later.

  3. That's when you say, I love you all but I financially can't afford to buy for so many people. If these people truly love you, which I am sure they do, it's family for goodness sakes, then they will understand. I believe we cause our own stress when it comes to stuff like that because most people will understand and may even be relieved that you mentioned it because they were thinking the same thing but were afraid it would hurt someone's feelings.


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