Saturday, November 2, 2013

Handmade by Dianne

Tonight I am going to tell you all about how much I love handmade goodies. This includes clothes, toys, pillows, hairbows, and more! You name it, I LOVE it. I also think it is really important for us to support our small businesses.

I have an amazing friend, Dianne. She can seriously make almost anything. If it involves sewing, she can pretty much do it. She has made my comforter, a shower curtain, a stuffed owl, an owl bunting, and TONS of clothes for my kids. I have been telling her she needs to put her creations on Etsy so that others can enjoy all of her talent, and also she can benefit from it. Dianne is retired and lives on a fixed income. She charges fair prices and goes above and beyond to make her customers happy.

Here are just a FEW pictures of what she has made.

Now tell me! Does this woman have some serious talent or what???  I really hope she is online soon so all of you can order from her! Everything she makes is custom to your liking, you pick a design or fabric and she will make it.

Not to mention she is one the sweetest ladies I know!

Happy Saturday Friends!



  1. Thanks Amanda you are a very sweet friend so glad we met

    1. So are you!! I am so glad we met too! You are amazing!


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