Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

I was talking to Six Cherries on Top the other night and she was telling me about RAK (Random Acts of Kindness). I completely fell head over heels in love with this idea, why hadn't I thought to do this sooner? Of course I try and do nice things for people here and there but something EVERYDAY? What a genius idea! I wanted to make it my mission to spread the word to others as well and make this a goal for the remainder of the month. I asked all my friends on Facebook to please message me with their RAK so I could write about it to you all.

So far I have gotten awesome responses and with each new story my heart becomes more happy.

The first act was from a friend who I had bought clothes from before, she messaged me and said she was going through her daughters clothes and wanted to donate them to my Gracie! What a blessing! I was SO happy!

A mother whose child I watch each day also decided to bring me some owl lip gloss "just because".  :-)

I decided to repay my RAK to a young lady who was looking for clothes for her husband. She had mentioned to me she was interested in the clothes I was selling, so I messaged her  and told her she could have them for free! She was so excited!

Next, I was messaged by a family member and she told me about how she had a friend who was on medication and could not afford it so she called and found out what pharmacy her friend used and paid for her medication for her! I know that woman was beyond happy because she really needed her medicine.

I wanted to do something nice for my neighbors because they are truly sweet and she has done so many kind things for me such as getting my kids goodies here and there, and giving me clothes. When I made my owl cupcakes the other night I wanted to make sure that I took them one and they loved them!!

I was buying some clothes and toys for Gabriel from another family member and when she came over she decided to give me LOTS more than what I was buying. How kind??

I was also informed by the same family member that a young lady and her husband had just split up and she was having a hard time with no income so she chose to donate toys to her children!

All of these stories have been submitted after only TWO days people! HOW AMAZING!!!

The world is not so bad and there are still many kind hearted people. I can't wait to continue to share RAK stories with you for this month!

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