Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Life

I have been absent for a couple weeks because we have been moving and finally got internet hooked up today! YAY! I am almost 14 weeks pregnant now and still sick...looks like it may stick around the whole pregnancy...wonderful : ). I will be so excited to find out what we are having. Gracie is thrilled too. She talks about her baby "sister" all the time. We will see....

The new house is coming along nicely. I still have one room to get in order and it may take awhile...I havent really done anything to exciting lately, mostly sitting at home and spending time with family on the weekends. I am going today for an ultrasound of the baby, VERY EXCITED. We had a small scare over the weekend but the baby is doing great now. I will keep you posted on how the appointment goes today!! Thanks for reading!

Here are some photos of my wild child to keep you entertained until next time...she is such a little mess~

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