Friday, April 16, 2010

Gracies FIRST Birthday Party!

My Babygirl turned one on March 25. She had the most amazing birthday and I am so thankful to everyone who came and made it a success. It was so much fun. My little cupcake, Gracie, is obsessed with this Moose, from NickJr., above, and luckily my best friend's stepmother makes cakes, she did a WONDERFUL job, we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful cake. It was sure yummy too! Gracie had not taken a nap any that day and she was a bit cranky at times, some of the pictures we took really crack me up because my lil cupcake had such an active, fun filled, chocolate cake day, she just decided, "HEY! IT'S MY PARTY AND I CAN CRY IF I WANT TO!" We were able to get some really good pictures and made more memories than I can count. Gracie received so many gifts from personalized items to clothes to her moose and zee! We couldn't have asked for anything better :-)


  1. What a cute baby girl you have! Welcome to blogging, your friend from Six Cherries on Top recommended that I check out your blog. I'm a follower now! I really like your blog name/header - adorable! Come see me sometime at - I started blogging in Jan 2010 and I'm loving it.

  2. Thanks so much! I will def. check you out! :-)

  3. Look at {sweet} little Gracie... I forgot how stinkin' cute she was with that bow in her hair! Love it...
    Jenn :)

  4. What a cutie!! Congrats to her & you!!

    Love your layout!

    Welcome to the blogosphere. =)


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