Friday, February 7, 2014

Would you like that cooked or fresh outta the water?

I am on my diet ya know....and well I am trying to expand my taste buds and open up my pallet if you will and let me tell far, it sucks.

I am a super picky eater but I am trying to be a healthier person so tonight while people all around me ate favorite....I decided to order the salmon. I thought Applebee's would have it made all good...and, well they didn't.

It totally sucked and when I took the first bite I was totally sickened, but since food ain't cheap I had to eat it and literally almost couldn't finish because it tasted like the fish was just caught out of the water and thrown on my plate. To sit here and write this thinking about it makes me nauseous. I think i will be sticking to my Turkey burgers/bacon, and chicken for a while before I venture out to any more new foods.

No...But really...



  1. I love Applebee's Napa Chicken! It's low calorie and healthy! Maybe you could try that next time :)

  2. Yes Erica. I will for sure be getting something different lol


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