Monday, January 20, 2014

My brain is in overload!

I have been feeling lately like my brain is going to explode because I have so much going on this year and it is totally stressing me out. I am a very high strung person anyway so when things are not structured it drives me insane.

This month I have to think about registering Gracie for the Charter School. We have a Charter School here in town where it is like a lottery and the children are randomly chosen to get in. I am hoping she gets in. THIS is a huge thing on my mind right now. I also need to get her "real" birth certificate. I have the mother's copy you get from the hospital but I have not gotten the real one yet. I have to look into that soon. IF, she does not get into the charter school she will go to a public school. The district we are in is actually not to bad so if she had to go to the public school I would not TOTALLY flip...

Since I will be going taking her to school and I have children here that spend the day with me we are going to have to get a van. We are not looking for a brand new van, however, it does need to be dependable because I will be taking her to and from school each day. Usually we do not have so much going on, but this year it seems like so much to prepare for  and I am terrified, not to mention the fact that I do not want her to even go to school. I know she will love it but I am totally being selfish and want her here with me where I know she will be safe...



  1. I love you to death but we are so different! I do have to consider that this is your first time going through this though, so big hugs to you! Don't get me wrong, I had some anxiety when Mackenzie started school, and even balled like a baby all day when she went on her first field trip because I worried that something might happen to the bus, but half a dozen kids later and I am looking forward to Elijah starting school. I have actually grown to really like Franklinton Elementary and the teachers are wonderful considering Franklinton itself has been so neglected. She will certainly be ok and once she starts getting into that routine you will begin to feel better and start to enjoy your day knowing she is being well taken care of and learning so much. The key is to really get to know the teachers. Talk to them regularly and be as actively involved as much as you can be. Even if that means you can't be right there to volunteer or take part in the classroom. I call Phoenix and Tyler's teachers way more than they probably would like but that also lets them know that I care and want my children to succeed.

  2. LOL. I know. We ARE totally different. But I like that. Being to much alike is not always a good thing. The only plus is knowing she will love it and I am hoping with time I will be okay with it. I will of course be keeping in touch with her teachers, they will get tired of hearing from me. I want to be involved as I can. I will be crying for days when she starts...Expect TONS more text.

  3. aww! You will enjoy seeing her come home and tell you about her day and all the new things she learned!
    I bet I will feel like this when it is time for my youngest to start school though. I'm glad it's not anytime soon lol

  4. awww sweet!! Me too Erica! <3 to you!

  5. I hope so....The thing keeping me sane is knowing she will love it...I will need lots and lots of prayers come August.


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