Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jello to Hello Check In

It has been a little bit since I filled you all in with my weight loss. I am still taking my V3 as well as eating healthy and exercising. I can tell you this....I FEEL MUCH better. My numbers are not dropping as quickly as I would like but my inches are. I feel a difference in lots of my clothes. I will NOT stop. I am determined to get where I want to be. I have been eating lots of fruits and veggies and drinking nothing but water. 

I LOVE Social Media because it allows me to keep motivated by reading other blogs as well as Instagram. Whenever I feel like giving up I head over to Joni or Erica's blog and get myself back in check. Losing weight is NOT easy. If it was we would not have so many people who struggle with their weight. I am not a huge believer on saying that you have to be skinny to be beautiful but I know that if I am not happy with myself, no matter what size I am, I have to do something about it....and that is what I am doing. I hope you all will encourage me and follow me through my weight loss journey. :-)


1 comment:

  1. Awe, thanks for the shout out girl!!
    I agree with you 100%. You should be doing this to feel happy and healthy. NOT to meet other people's definition of skinny! Healthy is the new skinny, right! lol
    You are doing great girl. Keep it up!


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