Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Shopping with Two Little Hoots!

Happy Saturday Friends. Today we went out to try and finish up some Christmas shopping for our family and if you have kids you know it is NOT easy to try and go out and get things done with little ones. I was just sent these adorable snack pouches by Cloth Bliss and they couldn't have been given at a better time. My children were perfect today and I really believe it was because they had their snack pouches filled with goodies. Cloth Bliss makes amazing snack pouches along with unpaper towels which are AMAZING because they are reusable paper towels and come with such a cute print. Check out these I am drooling over. Cloth Bliss has a shop on Storenvy which you can find here.

Look how cute these are! Can you tell how much they love them! Gracie is so enjoying her Hello Kitty and Gabriel couldn't resist his french fries in his Thomas the Train. We will absolutely use these every time we go out with the children. Gracie is even talking about taking hers to school next year....Slow down girly. Do not be fooled by the size of these snack pouches either, they are a great size with plenty of room for all kinds of yummy snacks. I had a good amount of goldfish in Gracie's and look how much space she still had! LOVE IT! I really hope you will check out Cloth Bliss! Monica's products are awesome and quality made!

Be sure to go like her Facebook page because she will be having a GIVEAWAY very soon and I know how much you guys LOVE Giveaways :-)


  1. I looooove the idea of in paper towels!

  2. I mean unpaper towels

  3. Me too Melanie! How cute right??? I will have to snag some up soon!


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