Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sartorial Kid Wednesday---Wk 3

These pictures were not easy to get at all. The first one is the best in my opinion, and it is blurry because I was trying to make him laugh at the same time. The last one he was in the middle of crying. At least his little outfit is cute right? He is pure boy because he does not like to be still. He was crawling around this whole photo session. Totally opposite of his sister.

I love this link up with Holly, one day I will take a picture of my outfit on a Wednesday but I rarely get out of sweatpants and I see no point in posting that.

My little man's outfit consist of:

Owl Onesie: Kohls 8.00
Pants: Thrifted
Socks: Carters 6.00 (pack of 2)
Blanket: HomeGoods 12.99

Happy Wednesday!

Our Holly Days



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