Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Favorite Fall Decor---Pinterest Style

Pinterest is a HUGE addiction for me. Luckily It's not just a dead site where you spend hours doing nothing with no results. This site you can actually find awesome recipes, DIY home decor, crafts for kids, gift ideas, ways to save get it. I love it and the possibilities are endless.

I put together a "My Favorite Things of Fall" board so to speak. I love each and everything here and would love to have them in my home. Maybe next Fall I will achieve that :-)

1.  Seriously, how cute are these pumpkins?! I love them!!! I must TRY and make some next fall. I am a person who loves things to look a little different than the usual and these are exactly my style. The polka dots, mixed with the orange and black and white. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

2. This fall pillow is adorable and to be honest I would leave it out all year. I have one a little like it that I found at Target for 3.00 and I love it. I am not one to put stuff up just because of the color of it or what it represents. I buy owl stuff on clearance after Halloween and Thanksgiving and leave it out as my all year decor. Unless it has a witch hat or says happy halloween, it stays out!

3. I think this Count Your Many Blessings picture is just perfect. I normally go for a bit more color in my decor but I loved how this all flowed together and how words of thankfulness is blended in the background.

4. Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good. I need this is in my house like, yesterday. Perfect example of decor I would leave out all year.

5. Not my normal colors I would choose but I have always loved this space. I actually think the neutral colors make it pop even more. The banner and pom poms are perfect.

6. These little felt Thanksgiving trees are so cute. I am going to try and make these next year!

Whats your favorite Fall Decor?


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