Thursday, October 24, 2013

Peacock Princess in Timeout

Well...I wish I could say that today went amazing, but I can tell you it wasn't awful. Gracie went to timeout a few times, the biggest issue was actually getting her to be still and quiet while there. I told her every single time she talked and argued we would start the time over. I would say we were in timeout a good part of the day.

I had a bit of a crazy day so I was unable to make the behavior chart I had intended. I did tell Gracie all about the rules and also how I would give her a warning before sending her to timeout. It  seemed to help a little. I feel like a failure in all honesty. I think I must be doing something totally wrong in parenting because Gracie is so amazing and maybe I have somehow wronged this parenting thing. I know there is no handbook to perfect parenting but I would love to hear how some of you guys handle your little ones when they act out. What works? What doesn't?

Also while in this corner, she hummed a cheerful little song which I had to say, Gracie stop. Timeout. No talking. 
Mommy, I am not talking, I am humming she said. 
Ok, its time to be quiet. You can hum when you get out. My heart was sad that I had to tell her not to hum but I want her to know this is not a game to act out and be so rude.
Oh! Also. I forgot to mention. She didn't fall asleep until 3:30 am. Yep. 3:30 AM. I put her in the bed at  8:30 PM. No idea how she stayed up that late, but...she did.



  1. Considering she fell asleep that late (TOTALLY NOT YOUR FAULT) the poor thing was probably just tired and grumpy. Do you have any idea how I act when I haven't gotten a good nights sleep? Im a nightmare to deal with LOL. Best of Luck. You sound like an AMAZING mommy.

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  2. You are right! I am not a happy camper when I do not get much sleep either... Thank you so much for all of your kind words :-)


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